Pedigree has unveiled ‘Adoptable’, an innovative AI-driven initiative revolutionizing how shelter dogs feature in global advertising.

This groundbreaking technology transforms basic shelter dog photos into high-quality studio images, seamlessly integrating them into any Pedigree digital ad. This move not only promotes Pedigree products but also shines a spotlight on adoptable dogs, amplifying efforts to tackle dog homelessness worldwide.

With an estimated 12 million dogs in shelters globally, Pedigree’s longstanding commitment to adoption gains unprecedented scale through Adoptable. The AI model ensures each dog’s photo is digitally rendered for versatility across various media formats, from CGI rigs to real-time adjustments based on adoption status. Once a featured dog finds a home, it is swiftly removed from advertising circulation, reinforcing Pedigree’s impact in driving adoption rates.

Simon Vicars, Chief Creative Officer at Colenso BBDO, underscores the initiative’s transformative potential within commercial realities, merging sales objectives with social responsibility. Adoptable not only addresses the visibility of shelter dogs but also enhances adoption prospects by leveraging geo-targeting and First-Party Data to match dogs with suitable households.

Since its launch in New Zealand, Adoptable has achieved remarkable adoption rates, with 50% of featured shelter dogs finding homes within the first two weeks. This success highlights the campaign’s effectiveness in driving traffic to shelter profiles and increasing adoption likelihood among potential pet parents. As Adoptable prepares for global rollout, Pedigree remains committed to leveraging every advertising dollar to support dogs in need of loving homes worldwide.


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Cannes Lions 2024

  • Outdoor Grand Prix
  • Gold and Bronze in Direct
  • Silver in Creative Business Transformation



Client: Pedigree (Mars). Creative Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand. Chief Creative Officer: Simon Vicars. Production Company: Nexus Studios. Media Agencies: Essence Mediacom and Hyper Media.

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