“The first-ever cycle syncing training collection”, available on the Nike Training Club App. A digital platform resource showing women how to harness the power of their cycle to maximise training optimise their energy. With this “NIKESYNC” Cycle Syncing collection, Nike partnered with leading female physiologist Stacy Sims, to dig deeper to find out what female athletes need to succeed, and created a resource for them. In Stacy’s book ‘Roar’, she identifies that, unfortunately, a lot of the fitness world for women can be summed up as ‘shrink it and pink it’.

From gear to training, Sims suggests that often, everything for men is made smaller and pinker, and then relabelled ‘for women.’ The result of combining these insights with R/GA’s creative vision, is Nike’s first ever cycle syncing training collection on the Nike Training Club App. The work aims to help educate women on how to sync their training to their menstrual cycle – to not only perform better and stronger, but to optimise their energy and listen to what their body needs for each phase of the cycle.

“This work was born out of the belief that sports training platforms need to better serve women on their terms, recognising that too many training platforms do not cater for distinct differences in men and women’s physiology.” said Nick Pringle, SVP executive creative director R/GA London. “It’s work that stays true to R/GA’s vision of helping our clients create a more human future through technology, and we’re very proud to have played a part in its creation”.



This campaign has been awarded at the following major festivals:

– Cannes Lions 2022: Entertainment For Sport Grand Prix.



Client: Nike. Agency: R/GA London. Group Account Director: Rob Kent. Program Manager: Gretel Oehme. SVP Executive Creative Director: Nick Pringle. Creative Director: Bruno DiLucca. Visual Designer: Charlie Green. Senior Copywriter: Laura Randall. Senior Copywriter: Natalie Ranger. Senior Visual Designer: Camille Magnan. Producer: Juliette Arnaud. Senior Art Director: Rob Watts. Strategy Director: Anna Bulman. Senior Strategist: Amar Babbar. Associate Strategist: Hannah Vatandoust.

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