Volkswagen Canada orchestrated a groundbreaking initiative known as “Sans Émission”. This innovative project capitalized on the dual meaning of the term in Quebec, leveraging both the idea of “no broadcast” during overnight hours when TV stations traditionally go dark and the “emission-free” nature of electric vehicles.

Recognizing this unique linguistic opportunity, Volkswagen transformed the traditional overnight downtime of television into a captivating media spectacle featuring their all-electric ID.4. Filmed in one continuous shot on a soundstage, Sans Émission showcased comedian and Volkswagen spokesperson Pier-Luc Funk. Viewers were treated to four hours of improvised comedy sketches as Pier-Luc entertained while his Volkswagen ID.4 charged in the backdrop.

The event attracted a diverse audience, including night owls and insomniacs, who eagerly tuned in to witness this engaging fusion of entertainment and eco-friendly technology. Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s social media team remained active throughout the night, providing real-time commentary and engaging with the audience.

To amplify the reach of Sans Émission, Volkswagen deployed a comprehensive marketing strategy during the pivotal fall TV season. This included out-of-home advertising, online video content, and digital promotions strategically timed to coincide with the premiere of new television shows. By leveraging multiple channels and platforms, Volkswagen ensured maximum visibility and engagement for their innovative campaign.

The live broadcast of Sans Émission aired on September 16th, captivating audiences with its fresh approach to television advertising. Following its initial airing, a version of the event became available for streaming on, extending the campaign’s reach and allowing viewers to experience the unique fusion of comedy and electric mobility at their convenience. Sans Émission exemplifies Volkswagen’s commitment to creativity and sustainability, setting a new standard for impactful brand storytelling in the digital age.



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Advertiser: Volkswagen Canada. President, CEO: Pierre Boutin. Director, Marketing: Lynne Piette. Manager, Retail Marketing: Mark Dicks. Manager, Brand Marketing: Jennifer Klepadlo.

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