Cannes Lions 2024: the Complete Dutch Winners List

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The World’s Biggest Creativity Festival. 

The International Festival of Creativity, better known as “Cannes Lions,” returns for its 71st edition. It is renowned for recognizing the most creative advertising ideas of the year, some of which are particularly innovative or even revolutionary. In 2024, the competition is fiercer than ever, with brands and agencies from around the world submitting their work in 30 leading categories: check out the ‘Cannes Lions Awards Map 2024’ at the bottom of this article.

As an advertiser based in Amsterdam I keep a close eye on the Dutch advertising industry and the work developed in the country. Therefore below you will find the ranking of Dutch agencies and a detailed list of advertising campaigns from the Netherlands that have been shortlisted and awarded at Cannes Lions 2024.


Ranking of Dutch Agencies at Cannes Lions 2024

Last update: Friday, 21st, 9:00 PM.

The Cannes Lions are over! The 30 categories have revealed all their shortlists and prestigious awards, a pretty amazing year for the Dutch creative agencies!

  • Awarded the only Dutch Gold Lions this year, AKQA Amsterdam is Cannes Lions’ 2023 ‘Most Creative Dutch Agency’.
  • With 4 Silver and 2 Bronze, MediaMonks comes 3rd this year.
  • The Netherlands got awarded 2 of the 34 Grand Prix, thanks to Dentsu Creative Amsterdam and LePub Amsterdam, ranking 2nd and 4th. 
  • TBWA\ Neboko got a Bronze and many shortlists, while the recently opened GUT Amsterdam turned its only shortlist into a Silver, and Upfield Amsterdam did the same but with a Bronze.
  • In total, 7 Dutch creative agencies have been awarded at the 2024 Cannes Lions!
1. AKQA Amsterdam 69 pts . 3 3 . 9
2. Dentsu Creative Amsterdam 59 pts 1 . 3 . 12
3. LePub Amsterdam 45 pts 1 . 1 1 8
4. MediaMonks Amsterdam 44 pts . . 4 2 26
5. TBWA\ Neboko 8 pts . . . 1 6
6. GUT Amsterdam 7 pts . . 1 . 1
7. VML Amsterdam 6 pts . . . . 6
8. Publicis Groupe Benelux 3 pts . . . . 3
–. Upfield Amsterdam 3 pts . . . 1 1
TOTAL 244 pts 2 3 12 5 72

Official Points System for Cannes Lions 2024: Grand Prix Titanium and Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix = 35 points; Grand Prix = 30 points; Titanium Award = 30 points; Gold = 15 points; Silver = 7 points; Bronze = 3 points; Shortlist = 1 point (if the shortlist is awarded, the shortlist point no longer counts). Maximum 10 shortlist points per agency.


The Dutch Campaigns Awarded at Cannes Lions 2024

AKQA Amsterdam
Pink Chip
Cr. Strategy 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Direct 1 Silver
Glass 1 Gold
Innovation 1 Silver
Sus. Dev. Goals 1 Gold
Dentsu Creative Amsterdam
Piece of Me
Cr. Strategy 1 Grand Prix
Digital Craft 1 Silver
Ent. for Music 1 Silver
Health 1 Silver
GUT Amsterdam Hertog Jan Don’t Drink Hertog Jan Direct 1 Silver
LePub Amsterdam
Trust The Twist
Brand Exp. 1 Silver
Direct 1 Bronze
Philips Refurb Cr. Bus. Trans. 1 Grand Prix
MediaMonks Amsterdam
Netflix The F***ing Car Outdoor 1 Silver
NHK Enterprises
Digital Craft 1 Silver
Sus. Dev. Goals 1 Bronze
Poker Beer
Beer Retirement Account
Brand Exp. 1 Bronze
Direct 1 Silver
World Literacy Foun. Literacy Pen Brand Exp. 1 Silver
TBWA\ Neboko Breast Care Foun. The 26 Signs Industry Craft 1 Bronze
Upfield Amsterdam Flora Skip The Cow Cr. Strategy 1 Bronze


Degiro and UN Women Pink Chip AKQA Amsterdam

KPN Piece of Me Dentsu Creative Amsterdam

GUT Amsterdam Hertog Jan Don't Drink Hertog Jan netherlands

Oreo Trust The Twist LePub Amsterdam

Philips Refurb LePub Amsterdam

Netflix The Fucking Car mediamonks amsterdam

nhk entrerprises kiki virtual human interpreter mediamonks amsterdam

poker beer - beer retirement account mediamonks amsterdam

TBWA Neboko Breast Care Foundation The 26 Signs netherlands


The Dutch Campaigns Shortlisted at Cannes Lions 2024

All of the 30 categories’ shortlists have now been revealed: Audio & Radio (1x Dutch shortlist out of 75 in total), Brand Experience & Activation (4x out of 221 in total), Creative B2B (2x out of 40 in total), Creative Data (2x out of 39 in total), Design (1x out of 101 in total), Digital Craft (7x out of 55 in total), Direct (10x out of 204 in total), Entertainment (1x out of 71 in total), Entertainment Lions for Gaming (0x out of 45 in total), Entertainment Lions for Music (3x out of 50 in total), Entertainment Lions for Sport (0x out of 65 in total), Film Craft (0x out of 155 in total), Glass (1x out of 17 in total), Health & Wellness (3x out of 129 in total), Industry Craft (1x out of 101 in total), Innovation (3x our of 23 in total), Media (2x out of 192 in total)Outdoor (8x out of 211 in total), Pharma (0x out of 22 in total), PR (0x out of 156 in total)Print & Publishing (0x out of 85 in total), Social & Influencer (3x out of 179 in total), Sustainable Development Goals (5x out of 70 in total)Titanium (1x out of 20 in total).

AKQA Amsterdam
Pink Chip
2x in Creative Data
1x in Cr. Strategy
1x in Direct
1x in Glass
1x in Innovation
2x in Sust. Dev. Goals
1x in Titanium
Dentsu Creative Ams.
A Piece of Me
3x in Cr. Strategy
1x in Entertainment
3x in Ent. for Music
3x in Health
1x in Media
1x in Social & Infl.
GUT Amsterdam Hertog Jan Don’t Drink Hertog Jan 1x in Direct
LePub Amsterdam
Trust the Twist
2x in Brand Exp.
2x in Direct
2x in Social & Infl.
1x in Cr. B. Transf.
1x in Cr. Commerce
MediaMonks Ams.
Mercado Libre
The Infiltrated Talent
1x in Innovation
1x in Media
Netflix The F***ing Car 5x in Outdoor
NHK Enterprises
2x in Digital Craft
1x in Sust. Dev. Goals
Pilsen Beer The Longest Erratum Ever 1x in Direct
Poker Beer
Beer Retirement Account
1x in Brand Exp.
2x in Creative B2B
2x in Cr. Strategy
4x in Direct
1x in Sust. Dev. Goals
World Literacy Foun.
Literacy Pen
1x in Brand Exp.
1x in Innovation
1x in Sust. Dev. Goals
Publicis Groupe Ben.
Samsung Pulse + 1x in Digital Craft
Team Alzheimer Musical Memories 1x in Digital Craft
Ukrainian Witness WikiTruth 1x in Direct
TBWA\ Neboko
Breast Care Foun.
The 16 Signs
1x in Digital Craft
1x in Industry Craft
Goals for Equality
1x in Design
2x in Outdoor
McDonald’s Smells Like McDonald’s 1x in Outdoor
Upfield Amsterdam Flora Skip The Cow 1x in Cr. Strategy
VML Amsterdam
Scenic Audio
1x in Audio
2x in Digital Craft
The Mammoth Meatball
2x in Cr. B. Transf.
1x in Cr. Strategy



TOP 4 of the Most Shortlisted Dutch Campaigns at Cannes Lions 2024
  • 12 shortlists for KPN’s “A Piece of Me”, created by Dentsu Creative Amsterdam. 


  • 9 shortlists for Poker Beer’s “Beer Retirement Account”, created by MediaMonks Amsterdam. 

poker beer - beer retirement account mediamonks amsterdam


  • 7 shortlists for DEGIRO and UN Women, for a campaign created by AKQA Amsterdam. 


  • 6 shortlists for Oreo’s “Trust The Twist”, created by LePub Amsterdam. 


The Cannes Lions’ ‘2024 Awards map’

Here is the structure followed by the Cannes Lions to reward advertising creations from around the world during this 71st edition. 8 main tracks and a flagship category: the Dan Wieden Titanium Lions.

Cannes Lions 2024 Awards Map

CLASSIC. The big creative idea – where work is brought to life through the long-standing yet ever-evolving fundamentals of image, sound and storytelling.
  • Audio & Radio
  • Film
  • Outdoor
  • Print & Publishing
CRAFT. Focusing on the artistry, skill, talent and flair required to deliver beautifully executed ideas with the power to cut through and bring the creative idea to life.
  • Design
  • Digital Craft
  • Film Craft
  • Industry Craft
ENGAGEMENT. Celebrating insightful creativity that captivates at every touchpoint. Creating authentic interaction and immersive experiences that engage consumers and impact culture.
  • Creative B2B
  • Creative Data
  • Direct
  • Media
  • PR
  • Social & Influencer
ENTERTAINMENT. Celebrating creativity that goes beyond branded communications to create authentic branded entertainment that engages consumers and impacts culture.
  • Entertainment
  • Entertainment Lions for Gaming
  • Entertainment Lions for Music
  • Entertainment Lions for Sport
EXPERIENCE. Focusing on the powerful brand currency of intelligent customers journeys and immersive experiences – captivating audiences at every touch point.
  • Brand Experience & Activation
  • Creative Business Transformation
  • Creative Commerce
  • Innovation
  • Luxury & Lifestyle (new category introduced in 2024!)
GOOD. Going beyond brand purpose to use creative communications to shift culture, create change and positively impact the world.
  • Glass: The Lion for Change
  • Sustainable Development Goals
HEALTH. Celebrating creativity in branded communications in this highly innovative but fiercely regulated sector with the unique power to truly change lives.
  • Health & Wellness
  • Pharma
STRATEGY. Celebrating commercial effectiveness, strategic planning and creative application of solutions to unlock growth and measure impact.
  • Creative Effectiveness
  • Creative Strategy
TITANIUM. Celebrating provocative, boundary-busting, envy-inspiring work that marks a new direction for the industry and moves it forward.
  • Dan Wieden Titanium


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