iPager was an Android campaign with the goal of educating consumers and flipping the narrative around the ‘green bubbles’ in the U.S. by pressuring Apple to adopt RCS, the modern industry standard for text messaging.

Apple uses old SMS tech when texting with Android – instead of RCS, which is adopted by every other operating system – creating a lot of messaging issues, including pixelated media, lack of encryption, no reactions and more; and branding those issues Android’s fault with green text bubbles. To educate people and pressure Apple, we created the iPager: a real device that exposes the outdated messaging tech that Apple still uses.


Google Android iPager David Miami cannes lions



Cannes Lions 2024

  • Shortlisted in the Dan Wieden Titanium category



Brand: Google Android, Mountain View. Creative Agency: DAVID, Miami. Design Agency: Masters & Savant. Production Company: Masters & Savant. Countries: South Africa, United States.

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