On October 8th, Carnegie Hall hosted a remarkable tribute show honoring a pivotal 1962 concert that helped introduce bossa nova to the global stage. This historic event had featured legendary Brazilian musicians such as Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, Sérgio Mendes, and Carlos Lyra, but notably absent was Alaíde Costa.

At nearly 88 years old, Alaíde, revered as one of the ‘founding mothers’ of bossa nova, finally graced this iconic stage. Accompanied by artists like Seu Jorge, Daniel Jobim, Roberto Menescal, and Carlinhos Brown, she performed in “Bossa Nova: The Greatest Night.”

Alaíde had expressed her excitement about this opportunity beforehand: “I’m overjoyed to be able to take part in this celebration of bossa nova, this concert in New York, at Carnegie Hall, at Johnnie Walker’s invitation. It’s wonderful to finally be able to sing on the stage that showed our music to the world in the 1960s. Now it’s time to show Alaíde Costa!” This performance not only honored her contributions to bossa nova but also marked a significant moment in her illustrious career.

Johnnie Walker’s campaign, which lent fresh meaning to the famous slogan ‘Keep Walking,’ was launched across multiple media platforms. One of the central elements of the campaign was a series of initiatives supported by the brand designed to highlight and honor figures who took steps throughout their lives that affected the culture and the world around them. Alaíde Costa’s story was the first to be highlighted. With creative direction by AlmapBBDO, the project unfolded in two stages. The first stage involved a 70-year ‘Errata’ published in Folha de S. Paulo, recounting her career and recognizing her global cultural relevance. The second stage culminated in Alaíde’s performance at Carnegie Hall.

In addition to paying tribute to a bossa nova legend who had not received due recognition throughout her career, the campaign reinforced the brand’s commitment to inspiring their public to take impactful steps in society and culture. “With a seventy-year career of constant dedication to music, Alaíde is one of the best examples that we could possibly think of,” said Eric Strauss, the Director of Scotch for Diageo in Brazil. Alaíde was recording the second album in a trilogy produced by Emicida, Pupillo (Nação Zumbi), and Marcus Preto, having released singles like ‘Moço’ and ‘Ata-me,’ while also touring across Brazil with various concert formats.


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Brand: Johnnie Walker (Diageo). Creative Agency: Almap BBDO, Sao Paulo. Chief Executive Officers: Filipe Bartholomeu, Luiz Sanches, Pernil. Executive Creative Directors: Fernando Duarte, Henrique Del Lama, Pedro Corbett. Creatives: Alexandre Freire, Alisson Machado, Beatriz Fiori, Isac Neto, Matheus Loretti, Yasmin Oliveira. Project Managers: Carol dos Anjos, Julia Newman. Content Producers: Marcela Ramos, Mariana Queiroz Silva. Planners: Joao Gabriel Fernandes, Maria Claudia Gouveia Conde, Erika Moulin de Souza Pires, Flávia Fernandes Antoniolli, Beatriz dos Santos. Media Managers: Mariana de Souza Areia, Daniele Dechiqui de Abreu, Amanda Chaklian de Freitas, Amanda de Oliveira Santana, Mariana Costa, Bianca Camargo Renzo. Art Buyers: Tereza Setti, Stephanie Biekarck. Photographers: Mariana Valverde. Retouching: Sérgio Facundini.

Production Company: Almap BBDO, Sao Paulo. Producers: Diego Villas Bôas, Vera Jacinto, Murillo Moretti. Executive Producers: Diego Villas Bôas. Directors: Rodrigo Resende, Diego Villas Bôas. Directors of Photography: Rodrigo Resende, Julio Deckes, Mariana Valverde.

Music & Sound Company: Cabaret, Sao Paulo. Post Production and VFX: Rodrigo Resende. PR Agencies: Almap BBDO, Giusti Comunicação and Inside Out PR.

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