Jung Von Matt takes 95 staff to Cannes… In a hostel!


The German creative agency aims to ‘democratise’ the Cannes Lions experience.

While many agencies prioritize luxurious accommodations and selective attendance, this agency is taking a different approach. By scaling back on luxuries, they have increased the number of staff attending the festival this year. They’ve reserved the Banana’s Camp hostel for 95 colleagues from its offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart Vienna and Zurich, representing 8.4% of their entire workforce.

Senior and junior talents from Jung von Matt, chosen due to their involvement in projects submitted for Cannes Lions, will be settling into the hostel, which promises to be a hub for communal learning, socialising… And watching football, as the Euro 2024 will be hosted in Germany at the same time. 

Even CEO Peter Figge will be staying in a shared bunk room, ensuring that as many employees as possible can experience the Cannes Lions festival and its wealth of creative opportunities.

“Cannes seems to get more expensive and exclusive every year, but for creative agency Jung von Matt, 2024 will be different.”





Nice place, great program

Just 100 meters from central Cannes and a 14-minute walk from the Palais des Festivals, Banana’s Camp offers a vibrant space complete with a garden, terrace, and event area. Everyone will sleep in Banana’s Camp’s dormitories for between two and eight people, share bathrooms, a kitchen, a lounge and laundry facilities.


banana-camp-hostel-cannes-lions-jung-von-matt-7The agency will gather here for a series of planned activities, including talks, screenings, BBQs, and drinks. The venue will also feature selected festival content and key Euro ’24 matches, particularly those with the German and Austrian teams.


Each day will kick off with a morning brunch, followed by a series of inspirational talks and workshops, such as “Meet the Legends” and “Creative Postcard Writing.” Esteemed speakers include Sir John Hegarty, the legendary founder of BBH and The Garage Soho, and Malcolm Poynton, the Global CCO of Cheil Worldwide. In the evenings, all Jung von Matt colleagues will attend “Apéro” drinks and some BBQs.


“Who needs fancy hotels and en suite bathrooms? This year, we wanted to be able to share Cannes with many more colleagues and embrace a more democratic experience that we can enjoy together. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Peter Figge, CEO from Jung von Matt.




Shortlisted in the Titanium category 

Jung Von Matt is off to a great festival, its brilliant campaign below for Laut Gegen Nazis is one of the 20 creatives shortlisted in the prestigious Dan Wieden Titanium Lions category. Want to see more? Head over here: Cannes Lions 2024: watch the shortlisted Titanium campaigns.

Learn more about this campaign: Laut Gegen Nazis – Rights Against the Right: trademarks against nazi codes 

Laut Gegen Nazis Rights Against the Right Jung Von Matt AG Hamburg cannes lions


It’s refreshing to see the Cannes Lions being democratised, ensuring that the experience isn’t just a reward for top management but a shared opportunity for those who are actually doing the work. By opening up this prestigious event to a broader range of staff, the agency recognizes and values the contributions of all team members, fostering a more inclusive and motivated workforce.


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All photos courtesy Banana’s Camp.

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