“Find Your Summer” encourages everyone to seek out those small, narrow, and fleeting moments of sunshine amid the harsh winter and relish them while enjoying a Magnum.

“Freezing. Wintry. Gelid. It’s 3:14 pm in the city when, suddenly, a shimmer of warmth light emerges just when needed… It’s time to find your summer with Magnum.”

In the midst of the past winter, when memories of sweltering summer days felt like a distant dream, Magnum embarked on a mission to redefine seasonal boundaries. Created by LOLA MullenLowe, their latest campaign, ‘Find Your Summer,’ aimed to inspire audiences to savor the pleasures of Magnum ice cream year-round.

The campaign tapped into the insight that many people deny themselves the joy of ice cream during colder months. It celebrated those who defy conventional wisdom, seeking moments of summer amidst winter’s chill. The hero film, set against a backdrop of a frosty cityscape, followed individuals discovering their own pockets of warmth and joy—a sunlit window, a soothing bath evoking tropical waters—each scene a testament to the enduring allure of summer.

Directed by Juan Cabral of MJZ Films, the film captured these fleeting moments in a poignant black-and-white narrative. Its soundtrack, mellow and evocative, underscored the campaign’s message of embracing pleasure and relaxation throughout the year. Ale Burset’s print and outdoor visuals further reinforced Magnum’s role as a symbol of indulgence and escapism, ensuring the campaign resonated across various media platforms.

‘Find Your Summer’ wasn’t just about ice cream; it was a call to seize happiness wherever and whenever it beckons. By challenging the norm and celebrating the timeless allure of Magnum, LOLA MullenLowe’s campaign invited everyone to rediscover their own personal slice of summer, transcending seasons and spreading a message of joy and warmth long after winter had faded.

“Anchored in the brand’s pleasure territory, the campaign aims to evoke the feeling of that ray of sunshine on long winter days, gently caressing you, mentally transporting you back to summer and awakening the desire to eat ice cream in that moment” said Tomas Ostiglia, Executive Creative Director at LOLA Mullenlowe.


Magnum Find Your Summer Corner Doorstep Stairs Lola MullenLowe Madrid



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Brand: Magnum (Unilever), Spain. Global Ice Cream Chief Marketing Officer: Julien Barraux. Global Vice President, Magnum: Benjamin Curtis. Global Sr. Marketing Manager: Tugce Aksoy. Global Digital Lead: Sara Paixao. Global Magnum Ice Cream NOW & New Media: Willem van Isselmuden. UK Marketing Manager: Lennon-Smith, Shannon. TK Marketing Manager: Serkan Oguz. TK Assistant Brand Manager: Alara Egrioglu.

Creative Agency: LOLA MullenLowe, Madrid. Executive Creative Director: Tomas Ostiglia. Creative Directors: Jorge Zacher, Kevin Cabuli, Dante Zamboni. Creative team: Augusto Callegari, Pedro Mezzini. Design Director: Yan Graller. Art Director/Designer: Alan Chung. Managing Director: Tom Elliston. Account Director: Catalina Aguirre. Account Supervisor: Cristina Panea. Account Executive: Sofía Perez. Head of Strategic Planning: Camila Facín. Strategy Manager: Bruno Yanagui. Head of Production: Felipe Calviño. Producer: Marina Saro.

Production Company: MJZ. Director: Juan Cabral. MD/Executive Producer: Lindsay Turnham. Head of Production: Lucy Jones. Producer: Nicolás Abelovich. 1st AD: Federico Scarpelli. DOP: Javier Juliá. VFX Supervisor: Juan Pablo Listello. Wardrobe Stylist: Sol Montalvo. Production Designer: Charly Carnota. Make Up Artist: Marisa Wehit. Home Economist: Toni Krank. Post Coordinator: Jula Castagnino. Edit: Emiliano Fardaus. SFX Coordinator: Nasa FX. Production Manager: Pat Rzeznik. Production Coordinator: Federico Falasca. Production Service Company: Labhouse. Managing Director: Flora Fernandez Marengo.

Post House/VFX: Glassworks VFX (Barcelona). VFX Supervisor/CD: Carlos Navarro. Executive Producer VFX / HoP: Olaia Casal. Set Supervisor / Compositing Artist: Juan Listello. Compositing Artist: Gloria Bernabé. Compositing Artist: Noa Bofill. Compositing Artist: Roberto García. Compositing Artist: Albert García. Colorist: Julia Rosseti. Sound Designer: Aimar Molero. Postproducer: Anna Gispert. Music Company: Big Sync Music. Music Supervisor: Alicia Leinot.

Media Agency: Mindshare UK. Planning Business Director: Tess Domenet. Planning Account Director: Natasha Irwin. Planning Account Manager: Elle Dockree. Print Account Director: Nathan Hope. AV Account Director: Holly Gibson. Media Partner: Kinetic. OOH Account Director: Shahin Ejtehadi. OOH Account Manager: George Peto.

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