The world’s coral reefs are dying. Mars cat food brand, Sheba, has embarked on a restoration program, an idea created in a collaboration between AMV BBDO, Mars Sustainable Solutions and the Sheba brand team. It has marked the beginning of this program by writing the word, Hope, in 35-metre high letters. The reef, off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia’s Spermonde Archipelago, was built using innovative structures known as Reef Stars and is a living billboard, that puts the urgency of the issue and its potential solution on the map.

The brand has promised to restore more than 185,000 square metres of coral reefs around the world by 2029. This is critically important. Scientists estimate that without interventions 90% of the world’s reefs are at risk of dying before the end of the century, perhaps even by 2043. This endangers the food supply, the protection of coasts from storms and flooding, potential new pharmaceuticals, as well as tourism and the economic health of communities that rely on it. Sheba depends on fish to produce its products. They make up the largest part of its ingredients.

The work was created by Clark Edwards, Andre Hull, Mat Scholes, Pieter Rossouw, Ricardo Porto and Victor Bustani from AMV BBDO. The installation documentary was directed by The Glue Society’s Paul Bruty and encapsulates the story of the creation of the word, Hope. The launch commercial was directed by Murray Butler through Framestore, Weare17, The Glue Society, Indo Pacific Films, Flare Production, Make Me Pulse, W3 and King Henry. Media is handled by Mediacom.

The Hope Reef “billboard” is viewable on Google Maps and Google Earth, as well as underwater in Google Street View. Reef Stars were also used as the basis of a visual identity, creating an animated growing coral typeface for use in outdoor, social and online. In partnership with Google, Sheba has created the YouTube channel, “Channel that Grows Coral”, with all ad revenue generated on it donated to the Nature Conservancy for coral restoration. The channel will feature an inspiring film created by AMV BBDO, which follows the engaging story of a little blue fish exploring Hope Reef. This is the first time ever that 100% of the funds from a YouTube channel have been monetised for sustainability efforts.

The full campaign by AMV BBDO has been launched in eight key markets and will run across digital, social, Google Maps, OOH, ecommerce/website launch, influencer activity, on pack and in store. Sheba has also partnered with the world’s leading visual storytellers, National Geographic, to tell the story.



This campaign has been awarded by the following major festivals:

– Cannes Lions 2022: Industry Craft Grand Prix, Media Grand Prix.



Client: Sheba (a Mars cat food brand). Agency: AMV BBDO London. Production Company: Framestore Pictures. Director: Murray Butler. Executive Producer: Helen Hughes. Senior Producer: Sophie Harrison. Line Producer: Hannah Critchley. Production Assistant: Benjamin Michell & Chloe Dunn. Chief Creative Officer: Alex Grieve. VFX CG Supervisor Hernan Llano VFX Supervisor Grant Walker Animation Superviso Fisher 2D Supervisor Michae Baker Editor: Carey Williams, Isabelle Slocombe. Asset Lead: Joel Best. Environment Lead: Bap Roy. Look Dev/Lighting: Le Campanha. Assets/Lighting: Timo Maron. Look Dev/Lighting: Lu Veronese. FX: Stephen Moroz, Rod Tebisx. Animation: Joe Kane a Gez Wright. Rigging: Robert Joosten. Layout: David Cattermole. Previs: Alex Jeremy. Comp: Manuel Rivoir. Texture: Florence Green. DMP: Baptiste Chauveau. Heiro: Jack Hubbard. Colour: Steffan Perry.

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