Mastercard views Financial Inclusion not only as a core aspect of its brand identity but also as a fundamental business strategy. By expanding access to economic opportunities, Mastercard believes it benefits individuals, society, and the company itself.

This campaign embodies Mastercard’s ethos of “Doing well, by doing good,” leveraging data responsibly to serve society. Through initiatives like the Where to Settle project, Mastercard demonstrates its commitment to assisting Ukrainian refugees settling in Poland, thereby promoting stability in their lives.

In response to the conflict in Ukraine, nearly 10 million refugees have sought refuge in Poland, with the country welcoming a significant portion of them. However, the influx of refugees into major cities has exacerbated issues such as soaring rental prices, heightened job competition, and inflation. Recognizing the need to alleviate pressure on urban centers, efforts have been made to redirect refugee movement towards smaller cities.



In response to the challenge, we devised the “Where to Settle” tool. This innovative platform utilizes anonymized data from Mastercard and information from the Polish Central Statistical Office to reliably present living costs across different-sized cities in Poland. By leveraging this unique data, the tool offers personalized insights without compromising sensitive information. Through a simple anonymous form, refugees can provide their location, situation, and needs, receiving customized and essential information tailored to their circumstances. The aim of the “Where To Settle” digital platform is to alleviate challenges by guiding refugees to the most promising areas in Poland that best suit their abilities and needs, facilitating their transition to new homes.



In the initial months of the conflict, a significant portion (34%) of refugees struggled to choose where to settle in Poland. This uncertainty heightened their distress and hindered their ability to achieve independence. Gradually, the focus shifted towards finding a place where they could establish a sense of belonging. Recognizing that housing alone wasn’t sufficient, we understood the importance of employment for refugees. This realization led to the development of a platform aimed at providing comprehensive support, assisting refugees in finding housing in smaller, lesser-known towns while also helping them secure satisfactory employment opportunities. Additionally, our strategy aimed to align refugee needs with those of local communities, leveraging the mutual benefits and opportunities they offer. This approach enabled us to address concerns regarding the impact of refugees on local communities effectively.



The “Where To Settle” platform, created with Morizon-Gratka Group and Mastercard, offers tailored data from the Polish Central Statistical Office. It helps users find ideal living areas based on preferences like job opportunities and family size. Backed by the Polish government and the Association of Polish Cities, the platform aims to support individuals and families in finding thriving communities. A digital campaign, supported by locals, encourages Ukrainian refugees in major cities to consider settling in smaller towns for better integration.


  • Our platform garnered significant engagement, attracting 242,170 unique users and prompting 73,700 completed forms. Based on data from Where to Settle and the number of Ukrainian refugees in Poland, we estimate that approximately 20.05% of refugees benefited from the platform.
  • The “Where to Settle” initiative also notably enhanced Mastercard’s perception, particularly in key areas such as “technological” (+12 in UA), “modern” (+14 in UA), and “social” (+14 in PL, +11 in UA).
  • Furthermore, the platform contributed to a notable increase in Mastercard’s usage intent among non-users. Following engagement with the platform, 57% of Poles and 80% of Ukrainians expressed an intent to use Mastercard services.



Clio Awards 2024

  • Direct Grand Clio
  • Digital, Mobile Grand Clio

Cannes Lions 2023

  • Sustainable Development Goals Grand Prix
  • 1 Titanium Lion
  • 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze in Direct
  • 1 Gold, 1 Bronze in PR
  • 1 Silver in Brand Experience & Activation
  • 1 Bronze in Creative Data

Eurobest 2023

  • Creative Data Grand Prix



Brand: Mastercard, Poland.

Advertising Agency: McCANN Warsaw, Poland.

PR: Mastercard, Poland.

Media: Mastercard, Poland.

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