Cemento Sol, a renowned cement company, has introduced an innovative series of cement tiles called “Sidewalks to See” or “SightWalks.” These tiles feature numbered lines designed to assist visually impaired individuals in identifying various types of businesses or establishments they pass by.

By counting the lines from left to right with their walking sticks, they can determine whether the adjacent shop is a bank, grocery store, accommodation, hospital, bus stop, drugstore, and more. This thoughtful design aims to enhance the independence and mobility of visually impaired pedestrians.

The implementation of SightWalks has already begun in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru. Cemento Sol collaborated closely with visually impaired associations across Peru to validate and test the tiles, ensuring they meet the needs of their users. This collaboration has resulted in a practical and effective solution that empowers visually impaired individuals to navigate their environment without the need for assistance.

Cemento Sol partnered with the creative agency Circus Grey Peru to develop a commercial showcasing the functionality of these tiles. The commercial illustrates how the horizontal lines indicate the type of establishment, while vertical lines above and below provide directional information. This clear and intuitive system helps visually impaired individuals understand both the nature and location of nearby businesses.

Importantly, Cemento Sol has made these tiles copyright-free, allowing any city, organization, or individual to replicate and implement them. This open approach is intended to spread the benefits of this innovation widely, making urban navigation more accessible for the visually impaired around the world. By offering this solution freely, Cemento Sol hopes to inspire broader adoption and improve the quality of life for visually impaired individuals everywhere.


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Cannes Lions 2024

  • Design Grand Prix
  • Gold and Silver in Outdoor
  • Gold in Brand Experience & Activation
  • Gold in Media
  • Gold in Sustainable Development Goals
  • Silver in Direct
  • Bronze in Design



Brand: Cemento Sol (UNACEM), Peru. Commercial Manager: Gabriel Barrio. Marketing Manager: Claudia Rivero. Marketing Director: Maria José Arredondo. Marketing Coordinator: Camila Acuña. Trade Marketing: Fátima Armacanqui. Creative Agency: Circus Grey Lima, Peru. Global Chief Creative Officer: Gabriel Schmitt. Presidente & CCO Grey Latam: Diego Medvedocky. Global Head of Creative Excellence: Maru Sokolowski.. Chief Reputation Officer Grey Latam: Florencia Kessler Creative Chairman & CEO: José Rivera y Piérola. Chief Creative Officer (CCO): Charlie Tolmos, Piero Oliveri. Executive Creative Director (ECD): Gonzalo Aste. Creative Directors: Percy Rocha, Miguel Ucañán. Head of Content: Rodrigo Castro. Account Director: Vanessa Ortega. Account Supervisor: Lizet Gonzales, Vanessa Graham. Account Executive: Lorena Gómez, Yessica Ordoñez. Head of Production: Vanessa Gómez. Production Director: Kathy Santillana. Production Companies: Canica Films, PuntoAparte and Rebeca, Lima. Post Production Company: Nativo Post, Lima. Media Agency: Apoyo Communicacion, Lima. PR Agency: LLYC, Lima. Experience Agency: Dinamo, Lima. Chief Executive Officer: Sandra Goicochea. Account Supervisor: Cynthia Salcedo. Account Executive: Mariana Castro. Architectural and Designer Consultant: Luis Torres. Production Company: Rebeca, Lima. Director: Mario Angulo. Assistant Director: Ducelia Woll. Executive Producer: Alejandro Noriega. Production Supervisor: Eduardo Guerra / Pierina Ravizza. Production Assistant: Gianella Bellido / Camila García. Director of Photography (Training Sessions): Didac Saez. Production Company: Punto Aparte, Lima. Camera 1: Mario Bertocchi. Camera 2: Alonso Gutiérrez. Executive Producer: Lucho Vargas. Production Assistant: Ana Pau Quintana. Editor & Post Producer: José Pacheco. 3D: MIDAS ART David Vega. Audio Company: Agosto Music & Sound Craft. Music Director: Claudia Incio.

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