Specsavers’ innovative audiology campaign, featuring a reimagined rendition of Rick Astley’s classic hit, has taken a bold step forward in raising awareness about hearing loss.

Building on the success of their Misheard Version released in late 2023, wherein Astley playfully sang intentionally incorrect lyrics, the eyewear company has now expanded its reach with a disruptive radio advertisement.

In this latest iteration, listeners are treated to what appears to be the familiar melody of “Never Gonna Give You Up.” However, astute ears will notice the subtle alterations: instead of the original lyrics, Astley croons amusingly misheard phrases like “Never gonna run around with dessert spoons” and “You wouldn’t catch nits from any other guy.” The intention behind this clever twist is to prompt introspection among the audience about their own hearing abilities.

The 60-second radio spot cleverly incorporates actor Rob Brydon, who breaks the illusion by questioning the accuracy of the lyrics. His interjection serves as a gentle nudge for listeners to consider booking a free hearing test at Specsavers, as mishearing lyrics can often signify an underlying hearing impairment.

This campaign, spearheaded by Golin and supported by media planning from Specsavers and Manning Gottlieb OMD, aims not only to entertain but also to encourage proactive measures toward better hearing health. With its initial success in generating social buzz and increased hearing test bookings, the campaign now extends its reach across commercial radio networks in the UK, promising to surprise and engage the public further.

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Cannes Lions 2024 

  • Audio & Radio Grand Prix
  • PR Grand Prix
  • Gold and Silver in Audio & Radio
  • Silver in Health & Wellness
  • Silver in PR



Brand: Specsavers. Head of Brand: Lisa Hale. Creative Agency: Golin, London. Executive Creative Director: Alex Wood. Social Medi Agency: Tangerine. Media Agencies: Manning Gottlieb OMD and Bauer Media.

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