Coinbase ran a full 60-second slot offering free Bitcoin during Super Bowl 56. The ad was so successful that it brought the crypto firm’s app down. During the Super Bowl 2022, Coinbase ran a 60-second ad consisting almost entirely of a bouncing QR code. When the “Less talk, more Bitcoin” campaign’s code was scanned, it brought viewers to a promotional website, offering a limited time promotion of $15 worth of free Bitcoin to new sign ups, with a chance to win $3 million in a giveaway. The app stopped responding, apparently unable to handle the amount of traffic from an estimated 117 million viewers watching Super Bowl 56. Accenture Song (ex- Accenture Interactive) was the agency behind the ad.

“We believe the best way to learn about crypto is to actually try it” Coinbase CMO Kate Rouch said in a statement. “That’s why we launched our biggest giveaway ever, whereby all new customers will start their crypto journey with some Bitcoin in their account to get started. In other words: less talk, more Bitcoin.”

Coinbase spent an estimated $13 million for its minute slot. FTX, CoinGecko, and are all crypto exchanges estimated to have poured millions into making sure their brand gets some screen time during the Super Bowl, arguably the largest advertising event of the year.

The minimalistic commercial resulted in 20MM+ site visits during the 60sec ad, 445k+ new sign-ups, +14B media impressions, +300% brand consideration, and the Coinbase app became the 172nd most downloaded app on the App Store.


This campaign has been awarded at the following major festivals:

– Cannes Lions 2022: Direct Grand Prix.


Client: Coinbase. Agency: Accenture Song, New York.

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