Super Bowl 2024: watch the 12 best ads


The most watched TV commercials of the year. 

With a viewership of around 115M million people in 2023 (maybe more this year thanks to Taylor Swift!), the final playoff game of the NFL is still a unique opportunity for brands to reach a lot of Americans (and more!) at once. At the Super Bowl 2024 (aka “#SBLVIII”) a 30-second spot costs brands $7 million, or in other words: $233.000 per second. An average number that is similar to the 2023 game, but remains an all-time record. 

After Coinbase’s QR code in 2022 and Reddit’s 7 seconds ad in 2023, what brand will ‘win’ the Super Bowl this year? You will find my favorite creative concepts here below. 


The 6 Main Marketing Trends from the Super Bowl 2024

  • Different Social Media Amplification

The upcoming 58th Super Bowl will have a greater presence on TikTok and Instagram, brands and people may indeed put less emphasis on X (ex-Twitter) compared to previous years. In an effort to build excitement before and after the final, brands are increasingly utilizing TikTok, and reducing their spending on Twitter. 

  • Always More Activations and Ads Around the Game

Brands are optimizing spending around the Big Game without a hefty media budget. Instead of participating directly, many choose to be in proximity to it. Pre-Super Bowl campaigns create buzz, while events, parties, and activations target a desired demographic, generating a lively social media impact.

  • Many Comebacks

Many global brands stepped away from the NFL final for many years, but are coming back to the big game in 2024. For instance, Dove, Oreo and Volkswagen have not been Super Bowl advertisers for the past nine to ten years. 

  • Many Debuts

Drumstick, Etsy, Kawasaki, Lindt, Nerds, Popeyes, Starry, Temu, as well as the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, will be airing a TV commercial during the Big Game for the very first time. Notably, Martin Scorsese is directing his very first Super Bowl ad, for Squarespace. It’s always exciting to see new players enter the game; let’s see if they bring a breath of fresh air to the experience!

  • A Record Number of Candy Brands

So far, six candy brands are breaking records by advertising in this year’s Super Bowl. This surpasses the previous 20-year record of three candy brands. Experts attribute this trend to a nostalgia comeback, increased ad spending from these brands, and a focus on connecting with younger audiences.

  • The Swift Effect

Taylor Swift might be the most anticipated celebrity at this year’s Super Bowl. Set to support her partner Travis Kelce at the Allegiant Stadium, Swift has been a significant ratings booster for the NFL this season, marking a 10% increase vs the previous year’s playoffs. Numerous brands are poised to leverage her popularity on social media, gearing up for potential moments, while the possibility of Swift herself featuring in Super Bowl marketing remains uncertain.


The Greatest Commercials from the Super Bowl 2024

Out of the around 70 ads aired at the 2024 Super Bowl, I gathered my 12 favorites below: BMW, Bud Light, Budweiser, CeraVe, Coors Light, DoorDash, Doritos (x2), Hellmann’s, Pluto TV, Uber Eats and Verizon. Watch them below! You can also watch ALL of the ads in my special YouTube playlist, embedded at the bottom of this post.


BMW – Talkin’ Like Walken

Christopher Walken’s unique speaking style takes center stage in BMW’s Super Bowl :30, where he shares the spotlight with halftime star Usher and actress Ashley Park. The campaign emphasizes the iconic collaboration between Walken and the 5 Series, calling it a synergy of two legendary figures. The film’s simplicity allows Walken’s charisma to shine without unnecessary distractions. Usher’s cameo adds an extra flair, making the commercial a standout in celebrating celebrity culture. Creative agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco


Bud Light – Easy Night Out 

Bud Light unveils a very ‘flashy’ Super Bowl commercial, where a whimsical genie emerges from a bottle, ready to grant wishes in exchange for a good time. Dressed in a stylish track suit, the genie sets out to fulfill the desires of those around him. From a balding man regaining his ’80s hairdo to a woman receiving a windfall of riches, and even a guy scoring a singular massive bicep, the commercial promises a fun and fantastical journey. Creative agency: Anomaly, New York


Budweiser – Old School Delivery

Budweiser’s iconic Clydesdales make their 46th Super Bowl appearance in a spot embodying a timeless message of resilience and determination that defines both the brand and the American spirit. It highlights Budweiser’s 147-year history of delivering more than just beer, supporting communities during disasters, showing up at iconic events, and staying true to its mission of uniting people over a beer. Creative agency: FCB, New York.


CeraVe – Michael CeraVe 

Actor Michael Cera’s recent eccentric behavior tied to skincare brand CeraVe was actually part of the brand’s Super Bowl promotion. In the commercial, we discover his peculiar passion for human skin. He’s depicted in surreal scenes akin to a dramatic perfume ad, engaging in various activities such as peering from behind curtains, conquering mountains, mingling with stylish models, and even speaking like a narwhal, all while claiming to be the brain behind CeraVe products… While they’ve been developed with proper dermatologists. Creative agency: Ogilvy, New York


Coors Light  – Chill Train 

LL Cool J joins Coors Light in the Super Bowl beer battle, starring as the conductor of the ‘Coors Light Chill Train’. This advertising icon, dormant since 2005, takes center stage as the train rolls through the spot. The actor and musician finally appears towards the end, making a memorable entrance as the iron horse crashes into a living room filled with football fans. Creative agency: Droga5, New York


DoorDash – Delivering All the Ads 

This year, DoorDash is planning to offer ALL the products from ALL the ‘Big Game’ ads. Yes, that means the brand will be dashing to one lucky winner pallets of snacks, multiple cars, thousands of burgers and wings, dozens of self-care products, hundreds of liters of beer, but also tax services, insurances… And who knows what else will be advertised during the broadcast. As I mentioned in this LinkedIn post, it’s a great stunt at the service of the brand’s strategy, doubled with a clever tactic to grab eyeballs and clicks. Creative agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland


Doritos – Dina & Mita 

Jenna Ortega accompanies her grandmothers for a casual grocery trip, but things escalate when Danny Ramirez snatches the last bag of Doritos Dinamita from them. The spirited abuelas, Dina and Mita, refuse to let it slide, initiating a wild chase involving electric wheelchairs, window crashes, and ziplining until they reclaim the snack. Brett O’Brien, CMO at PepsiCo Foods N.A., highlights the brand’s fresh approach in this year’s Super Bowl campaign, emphasizing their aim to captivate consumers with new, innovative flavors and top-tier entertainment. Creative agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco


Doritos – Luxor Takeover 

As the Super Bowl takes place in Las Vegas this year, Doritos has creatively adorned the iconic Luxor hotel in a minimalistic, sleek and viral manner. The iconic, distinctive design of the south Strip resort indeed perfectly mirrors the triangular shape of Frito Lay’s corn chip.



Hellmann’s – Mayo Cat 

To raise awareness about food waste and promote the use of its mayonnaise to minimize it, Hellmann’s has called on to Kate McKinnon and “Mayo Cat”. The comedian, known for her strong environmental upbringing, receives kitchen advice from her feline companion, suggesting the use of “May-oww” to enhance leftover food. As the cat gains fame and even dates Pete Davidson, McKinnon navigates the challenges of her pet’s newfound celebrity status… Head over my LinkedIn post here to learn more about it. Creative agency: VML, New York


Pluto TV – Couch Potato Farm 

For its Super Bowl debut, Pluto TV (owned by Paramount) unveils a quirky ad featuring a farm where human couch potatoes sprout from the soil, indulging in content consumption. The amusing potato-themed costumes and surreal setting convey the message: “We’ve got your shows and movies, right here!” Pluto’s tater-people casually lounge in the dirt, providing commentary on the diverse array of movies and programs streaming across their screens. Creative agency: Haymaker, Los Angeles.


Uber Eats – Don’t Forget 

Victoria and David Beckham teamed up for Uber Eats’ teaser below, playfully referencing their Netflix documentary from October 2023, and the viral meme that came out of it.

In the final ad, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, David and Victoria Beckham, halftime performer Usher, and rapper Jelly Roll all experiencing memory lapses, forgetting key details of their lives. Employing its signature quirky humor, Uber Eats then follows this train of thought to absurd conclusions. Creative agency: Special Group, Los Angeles


Verizon – Can’t B Broken 

Beyoncé’s potential to break the internet is acknowledged, yet disrupting Verizon’s 5G network seems a tougher feat, as depicted in this Big Game advertisement co-starring Tony Hale. Throughout, Beyoncé exudes charisma and comic flair, delivering great gags and Easter eggs. Keep an eye out for moments featuring a lemonade stand, a ‘Beyonc-AI’ creation, or even ‘BarBey’. The end of the commercial announces the singer’s releasing new music: she dropped 2 singles right after the ad aired, and an album will be released at the end of March, a first time of its kind. Check my LinkedIn post for more insights. Creative agency: Ogilvy, New York


Watch Here ALL the 2024 Super Bowl Commercials 

In the playlist below I have gathered AAAALL the TV ads from brands advertising at the 2024 Super Bowl. The whole list: Astellas, Bass Pro Shops, Bet MGM, BMW,, Budweiser, Bud Light, CeraVe, Come Near, Coors Light, CrowdStrike, Disney+, Doritos, Dove, Drumstick, e.l.f. Cosmetics, E*Trade, Etsy, FanDuel, Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, Google, Hellmann’s, Kawasaki, Kia, Lindt, Michelob ULTRA, Miller Lite, M&M’s, Mountain Dew, Nerds, the NFL, Oreo, Opendoor, Papaya Global, Paramount+, Pfizer, Popeyes, Poppi, Pringles, Reese’s, Skechers, Squarespace, Snapchat, Starry, State Farm, Temu, T-Mobile, Toyota, TurboTax, Uber Eats, Verizon, Volkswagen.  


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