Girls Who Code create “DojaCode” in collaboration with Doja Cat: an interactive music video experience for the rapper’s hit single called “Woman”. The global superstar invited fans to unlock exclusive content in her newest video — all by code. Yes the interactive experience lets a new generation of computer scientists use code to change the story.

As users visit the DojaCode site, they are able to unlock hidden video content using basic coding languages. From changing nail designs, to controlling the sky, to manifesting Doja herself out of thin air, DojaCode gives fans the opportunity to play the role of music video director by altering key creative elements and unveiling hidden easter eggs.

The aim of the experience is to show a new generation of fans who may be unaware of the career opportunities in the technology and computer science field, just how creative and fun it can be. “At Girls Who Code, we know firsthand that girls and young women are some of today’s most powerful creators and change-makers”, said Tarika Barrett, CEO of Girls Who Code. “However, too few know that they can have a career in computer science, and that it can open up an entire future of possibility to nurturing their passions. Learning to code enables you to change the world around you, and we’re thrilled to partner with global superstar Doja Cat, beloved by young people everywhere, as we invite girls to experience ‘Planet Her’, a place where they get to be in control.”

Emily Berger, Creative Lead, Mojo Supermarket: “We want to get more girls to try coding. But there’s a thousand other things that girls care about more than coding. And Doja Cat is like 999 of them. So we were like… Can Doja make learning to code cool?”



  1. Fans visit DojaCode to be granted access to Planet Her where they can code and alter creative elements of Doja Cat’s Woman music video.
  2. Users are then introduced to three coding languages featured on the site.
  3. As the experience continues, users are guided through the process with clear instructions on what to input and how — making it easy and seamless for a beginner.
  4. Users watch as moments in the video change in real time, based on the coding alterations they have written.
  5. As the video wraps, fans leave Planet Her and share all of the scenes they have coded and created.


Woman was directed by child., best known for her bold, stylized aesthetic, her lush use of light and color, and a storytelling sensibility steeped in the dreamy gothic lyricism of the African American South. Her past directorial work includes projects with artists such as Janelle Monae, Big Sean and Issa Rae as well as brands including adidas and Mastercard.

child., said, “This project has been an especially meaningful and unique one for me. Seeing more inclusiveness in creative fields is something I’m really passionate about, so to be part of a project that gives young girls exposure to a whole new industry, while acting as creative directors of Planet Her all by using code, really means a lot.”

The partnership with Doja Cat is the latest in a series of Girls Who Code culture change campaigns designed to transform the common narrative of what a coder looks like and does. Empowering girls and people from underrepresented groups in tech to envision themselves as the future of the industry is key to fulfilling the organization’s northstar mission of closing the gender gap in tech by 2030.



This campaign has won the following awards:




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