Coors Light has transformed a viral baseball moment into a commemorative keepsake. In a collaboration with Rethink, Coors Light has seized upon a viral baseball incident involving Angels player Shohei Ohtani at Citi Field.

After Ohtani inadvertently damaged a billboard featuring a Coors Light advertisement during a game, Coors Light has responded to fan enthusiasm by introducing a special commemorative can inspired by the event. The design of the commemorative can pays homage to the damaged LED screen, incorporating a distinctive black square representing the dead pixels caused by the impact.

Available for purchase at $17 for consumers aged 21 and above, the limited-edition commemorative cans offer fans a tangible piece of baseball history to cherish. Quantities are strictly limited, adding to the exclusivity and appeal of this unique collector’s item. But Coors Light’s engagement with the viral moment didn’t stop there. The brand has swiftly capitalized on the momentum, ensuring that Angels fans can relive the excitement firsthand at the team’s first home game back in Southern California.

Coors Light has adorned the stadium with beverage wraps and signage replicating the damaged billboard from the memorable Angels-Mets encounter, further immersing fans in the thrill of the moment. With its innovative approach to fan engagement and quick response to viral events, Coors Light continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing the fan experience both on and off the field.



Clio Awards 2024

  • Out Of Home Grand Clio
  • 1 Gold in Direct
  • 1 Gold in Integrated
  • 1 Silver in Experience and Activation
  • 1 Silver in Social Media
  • 1 Bronze in Experience and Activation



Advertiser: Coors Light, Toronto. Chief Marketing Officer: Sofia Colucci. VP of Marketing: Marcelo Pascoa. Sr. Marketing Manager: Eric Kouri. Associate Marketing Manager: Saron Strait. Director of PR: Maya McDonald. Field Marketing Manager: Allie Mason.

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver. Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman. Chief Creative Officer: Mike Dubrick. Chief Creative Officer: Daniel Lobaton. Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald. Executive Creative Director: Xavier Blais. Creative Director: Yusong Zhang. Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Nick Noh. Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Jordan Darnbrough. Producer: Kate A. Spencer. Integrated Producer: AJ Merrick. Studio Artist: Todd Bennett. PR Lead: Meredith Montgomery. Public Relations Account Director in Strategy: Sara Lemmermeyer. PR Intern: Marta Miklas. Account Director: Samantha Miller. Account Director: Meaghan Daly. Account Director: Isaac Reynoso. Managing Director: Marie Lunny. Account Manager: Dishant Verma. Production Company: Mt Vernon Production Company, New York. Executive Producer: Ken Franchi. Motion Camera: Sean Teegarden. Motion Camera: Chad Sano. Still Camera: Christian Hoover Thompson. DIT: CJ Miller. Audio: Erik Clabeaux. Production Assistant: Eric Ellis. Production Assistant: Darian Grey. Production Assistant: Kaylor Myers. Printing Company: Canworks Printing, Austin. Printing: BluEdge, New York. Sr. Director, Partnership Services: Bobby Kowan, Angels Baseball.

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