Imagine the daunting roar of an MRI machine, reaching decibel levels louder than a military jet. Now, consider the impact on a child undergoing cancer treatment.

Siemens Healthineers introduces “Magnetic Stories”, an innovative technology transforming terrifying MRI sounds into enchanting children’s audio books. This pioneering campaign seeks to replace anxiety with awe and fear with fascination, ensuring young patients experience a journey of magic and wonder during medical procedures.

By harnessing the power of storytelling, Siemens Healthineers aims to redefine healthcare experiences, making them not just tolerable, but inspiring for every child in need.


Siemens Healthineers Magnetic Stories area 23 new york



Cannes Lions 2024

  • Pharma Grand Prix
  • Gold in Creative Data
  • Silver in Pharma
  • Bronze in Audio & Radio
  • Bronze in Brand Experience & Activation
  • Bronze in Creative B2B



Brand: Siemens Healthineers, USA. Creative Agency: AREA 23 (an IPG Health network company), New York. Production Companies: BRO Lisbon, SONIDO Lisbon, and Tempest Originals Custom Carpentry Brooklyn. Post Production Company: Ars Thanea Warsaw. Publishing House: Grupo Leya Lisbon. Music & Sound: Sonido.


Chief Creative Officer: Tim Hawkey. SVP Creative Director: Viton Araújo. VP Creative Director: Diego Torgo. VP Creative Director, Copywriter: Victor Afonso. SVP Group Production Director: Chinkara Singh. SVP Creative Director: Guillermo Aracena.


Global Creative Partner: Danilo Boer.

FCB Chicago

Executive Creative Director: Eduardo Tavares.

Hill Holliday Health

VP Executive Producer: Philip Schneider.

Bro Cinema

Founder, Director: Mário Patrocínio. Executive Producer: João Cruz. Line Producer: Mariana Cucchiarelli. Director of Photography: Tomás Paiva Raposo. Production Manager: Nuno Mendes. Production Manager: Marta Araújo. Production Assistant: Eneida Neves. Sound Operator: Miguel Souza. Sound Operator: Victor Ribeiro. Makeup Artist: Lexie Wolfs. Editor: Ricardo Damásio. Post Coordinator: Jimmy Egreja. Post Supervisor: Sadik Jamal. Grading: Daniel Laranja. VFX: Ricardo Viana.

Ars Thanea

Founder Partner & CCO: Peter Jaworowski.


Project Manager: Váva Mayrink. Project Manager: Lara Borges. Founder, Music Director: Lucas Duque. Producer: Manuel Pinto.


Sound Edit e Mix: André Almeida Guel.

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