Flipvertising managed to resonate with ad-sceptical millennials and Gen Z. To launch the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, CHEP used an innovative approach to flip the media targeting model on its head. The agency created a YouTube pre-roll that contained a free Flip4, then made it almost impossible to get served this elusive ad.

The process of doing this had even Google’s own technologists scratching their heads. The best part? With every search, the audience changed their algorithm to show them endless unpaid, unsponsored Samsung content.

Sparked by the insight that Gen Z (its primary target) are not huge fans of social media algorithms and tend to regard personalised ads as an invasion of privacy, Samsung’s fiendishly clever Flipvertising mechanic encouraged this suspicious cohort to figure out how to get themselves targeted by specific YouTube ads for a chance to win a Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Rather than extol the product benefits in the usual marketing manner, the brand’s online scavenger hunt (and subsequent retargeting pools) drove consideration through a journey of unbiased reviews, unboxings, tech breakdowns, comparisons and various other slices of content that Samsung didn’t have to pay for.

The conceit takes re-targeting to the next level, reframing the value of algorithms to Gen Zers, not as a sinister form of stalking but instead as a fun tool for opt-in engagement. Samsung’s audacious flipping of the script led to 600% higher engagement than the industry average, and a 34% sales increase.





Brand: Samsung. Advertising Agency: CHEP Network. Design Agency: CHEP Network. Production Company: The Sweetshop Sydney. Country: Australia. Agency Producer: Bella Jarman. Agency Senior Designer: Sonia Coughlan, Kenn Huang. Audio Engineer: Josh Pearson. Audio Production Company: Sonar Music. Back-End Architect: Devinder Singh. Chief Creative Officer: Gavin McLeod. Colourist: Fergus Rotherman. Creative Director: Cameron Dowsett, Mark Tallis. Deputy Executive Creative Director: Justin Ruben. Digital Designer: Austin Hupfau. Digital Director: Hansen Ding. Director: Max Barden. Editor: Joe Morris. Editorial Assistant: Sam Holman. Executive Producer: Greg Fyson. Full Stack Engineer: Xian Yang. Head of Creative Technology: Josh Speight. Head of Design: Christian Hewitt. Head of Film Production: Tash Johnson. Junior Motion Designer: Michelle Nguyen. Mix & Sound Designer: Timothy Bridge. Online Editor: Soren Dyne. Post Production Company: The Editors. Senior Art Director: Will Winter-Irving. Senior Copywriter: Joe Ranallo. Senior UX Designer: Patrick O’Leary. Sound Producer: Haylee Poppi. Talent: Queenie Tan, Elly Awesome, Sam Despo, Dylan Page, Stephanie Bendixon, Crayator – Nathan Bezzina. Technology Director: Kirstie Peters, Tim Chapman. Account Director: Patty Nowak. Account Strategy Lead: Kirsty McMeekin. Associate Digital Media Director: Sue Lau. Client Partner: Grace Vizor. Communications Planner: Maureen Benson. Director of Brand Marketing: Eric Chou. Head of Marketing Communications: Joanna Baxter. Head of Strategy: Tim Russell. Influencer Manager: Isabella Holder. Managing Director: Jonny Berger. Marketing Manager: Lilly Lloyd. Media: Steven Flood. Operations Manager: Cleo de Kerorguen, Mary Anne, Mary Morrell. PR: Ogilvy PR (Australia). Producer: Adrian Konarski. Senior Account Director: Lucy Jones. Senior Account Manager: Lauren Tom. Senior Planner: Jarryd Patel.

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